KMCC Organization

Through four decades of committed work, the organisation has established a golden trail of outstanding contributions in the realms of social, cultural, and humanitarian care. Without a doubt, the first name that springs to mind and flows out of the pen of any scribe or researcher in quest of the past and present of migration will be that of KMCC. This is an everlasting signature inscribed in gold letters, representing an organization's exceptional efforts and fundamental desire to achieve a spectacular mission. KMCC has a major footprint in Middle Eastern nations.

Through its heritage of unwavering service, KMCC has earned a special place in the hearts of Gulf Malayalees. Our forefathers started this organisation via their tireless efforts at a period when such advancements or developments in technology and jobs were unavailable. They have practically spilled their blood to keep this organisation alive. We've arrived the success after overcoming several obstacles and tough conditions. KMCC is a powerful organisation of expatriate Malyalees that is well-known for its charitable, cultural, and educational efforts across the world.

The Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre (KMCC) is an affiliate of the Indian Union Muslim League. As we all know, the IUML fights to advance as well as preserve the rights of India's minorities. In the history of the Muslim League, KMCC embodies a tradition of sad make and break. Two groups that were formerly working under the distinct titles of Chandrika Readers' Forum and Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre subsequently merged and chose an unified name and direction.

Riyadh KMCC has been a vibrant and relentless activist in promoting the welfare and easing the day-to-day concerns of expatriate Indians since then. KMCC Riyadh has been actively working over the past fifty years and is well-known among Indians, particularly Malayalees. But we are convinced that we still have a long way to go. The Riyadh branch of the KMCC offers humanitarian services such as an insurance system for registered members, Indian passport and council services, free medical and legal counselling camps, and cultural and religious events. It also actively engages in the literature, art, sports, and cultural activities of Malayalees living in Riyadh.