About Us

The Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre (KMCC) is an expatriate charity and volunteer organisation for expatriates from Kerala. Formed in 1981 as an official organisation of the All India Muslim League (AIML) under Umar Bafakhy Thangal, KMCC has promoted the welfare of expatriate Indians through relief activities, C.H. centers and social services. Excellent organisational abilities and diverse activities embracing all aspects of social life have now enabled us to proceed down hitherto unseen roads. A rich history spanning four decades is an journey brimming with experiences that defy explanation.

KMCC has been receiving thunderous applause for its sincere efforts for the social, cultural, economical and educative upliftment of malayalees all over the world. Riyadh KMCC has been a strong and persistent activist in promoting the welfare of expatriate Indians and addressing their day-to-day issues. KMCC has a major footprint in Middle Eastern nations. . Crores in relief efforts, activities through C.H. centres, social service activities such as house construction for the destitute, medical aid, educational help, disaster relief, and so on have made us the successors of a service model legacy.

It would not be shocking to suggest that there isn't a single rural community in Kerala where the KMCC hasn't reached out. KMCC Riyadh is a signature of good deeds that has contributed immensely to the all-round growth of the social, cultural, religious, educational and philanthropic fields of the native land. We have motivated people via social security initiatives and service activities, leaving a mark of humanitarian compassion that even governments cannot match. During the pandemic, when death was playing right in front of everyone's eyes, the KMCC team won worldwide acclaim for their unrivalled service mission. Our founders started this organisation through their tireless efforts at a period when such advancements or developments in technology and jobs were unavailable. They have practically spilt their blood to keep this organisation alive. We've succeeded after overcoming several obstacles and tough conditions. KMCC has been conducting various community programs especially, “ Inter-faith relationship, Communal harmony, Cultural programs, Iftar parties, Patriotic programs, Educational seminars, Islamic teachings, National day and Republic day celebrations, Religious tour arrangements etc.. are carried out on weekly and monthly basis throughout the Middle East.

Our Mission

We are committed to employ the virtue of organised authority for the benefit and prosperity of society's most vulnerable members beyond caste, religion, and political ideology through selfless service.

Our Vision

We believe that the upliftment of society can only be accomplished when the most vulnerable segments of the population are socially, economically, culturally, and educationally empowered.