Security Scheme

As a dependable organization with decades of prestigious service in Riyadh, we have created a welfare scheme for Malayalee expatriates to communicate and support each other in times of need

Check Your Security Scheme
Membership Status

Make sure that you and your dear ones in Riyadh have registered with KMCC. you are welcome to check your registration in the below link and keep your details updated with us to ensure security.

KMCC the largest expatriate organisation in the world

The Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre (KMCC) is an expatriate charity and volunteer organisation for expatriates from Kerala. Formed in 1981 as an official organisation of the All India Muslim League (AIML) under Umar Bafakhy Thangal, KMCC has promoted the welfare of expatriate Indians through relief activities, C.H. centers and social services

KMCC has been receiving thunderous applause for its sincere efforts for the social, cultural, economical and educative upliftment of malayalees all over the world. Riyadh KMCC has been a strong and persistent activist in promoting the welfare of expatriate Indians and addressing their day-to-day issues. KMCC has a major footprint in Middle Eastern nations.

Social Service Wing - An Angelic
Initiative from Riyadh KMCC

Power of Unity

Like minded brothers and sisters join hands under the Riyadh KMCC umbrella to display a praiseworthy range of social services

Selfless Volunteers

The success of KMCC lies in the generous and kind volunteers who spend their valuable time for the needy

Catalyst to Upliftment

Riyadh KMCC takes special care to promote the talents of its members and spread the light of motivation and confidence

Forging an everlasting
bond of brotherhood

Dedicating a few minutes of your time to those in need is a form of self-realization
that is challenging to express in words.

A glimpse of our
fulfilling journey

A quick glance at the featured images and videos serve as a door to understand
the candor and divinity of our efforts